Nerd Boy Productions to Nerd Boy Inc

Nerd Boy started out originally as an entertainment company. Jeff Collins attended the Brady Burt School of Magic in San Diego, California. He was offered a seat at the San Diego State University Clown School by the international award winning Dee Gee the Clown.

Nerd Boy Productions was the name of the production company Jeff “Nerd Boy” Collins used to provide Clowning, Magic, DJ and Karaoke services. Nerd Boy did all of this while serving in the US Navy and raising his three children as a single dad.

In 1997 Nerd Boy Productions was turned into Nerd Boy Inc and started offering Miva Merchant help, integration and module development. Shortly after this Nerd Boy started offering Hosting Solutions using at the time the iServer Platform before they were bought by Verio Corp. and converting to their viaVerio Program. Nerd Boy was in the Top 50 World Wide Reseller list in the viaVerio Program. Verio has since shut down their hosting channel and Nerd Boy no longer offers hosting services.

Nerd Boy occasionally still performs clowning and magic at the West Plains Public Libray in West Plain, Missouri to support various library activities.

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