Nerd Boy offers various levels of PCI compliant hosting. All of our servers will pass a PCI Compliance Scan. This does not mean you are PCI Compliant. No Shared hosting or Cloud based hosting can be fully PCI DSS compliant. Most credit card services require your website pass a PCI scan. Passing the scan does not make you PCI compliant and will not grant you PCI Compliance immunization should your website be breached.

To be PCI DSS compliant is a complex and technical achievment. Most hosting companies claim to PCI DSS compliant, but most are not. To be PCI DSS compliant requires as at a minimum two dedicated servers and a physical hardware firewall. Just having one server and a software firewall does not make you PCI DSS compliant. The data center your servers are located in should have PCI DSS certification. Your e-commerce software also has to be be PCI DSS certified. Along with the hardware and software requirements you have best practices that must be followed as well. This includes but not limited to admin access logging, rotation of log in and passwords, and limited software installation.

Partnering with Nerd Boy to achieve PCI DSS compliance lets you focus on the administrative tasks of compliance. Partnering with Nerd Boy gives you more time to aquire, interact, and maintain customer relationships with your e-commerce and e-business clients.

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