Nerd Boy has an actual physical office located in Mountain View, Missouri. Even though we can see the post office a block away, due to some quirk in postal regulations in rural areas, we cannot get mail delivered to the office via Unites States Post Service. All other forms of delivery can be made at the office such as FedEx and UPS.

Use the following address for shipping products to Nerd Boy via FedEx and UPS, but NOT United States Postal Service.

Nerd Boy
121 North Elm Street
Mountain View, Missouri 65548

Use the following address for shipping United States Postal Service Mail to Nerd Boy.

Nerd Boy
Route 2
Box 2710
Birch Tree, Missouri 65438

Phone Numbers:


Nerd Boy will have the full Support Suite up shortly. Meantime us this email address to contact Nerd Boy:

support at nerdboyinc dot com Please substitute the appropriate symbols in place of the alpha characters.