It’s Not Easy!

Running an web presence or E-commerce site is just as hard if not harder than running a regular brick and mortar store.

There are things to do in a brick and mortar store such as stocking shelves, sweeping and mopping the floor, and making sure the bathroom is clean.

There are just as many things to do for an E-commerce site of not more. You need to do server maintenance, software maintenance, web site maintenance, and make sure all orders are fulfilled and on the way to the customer in a timely manner. This is not a complete list of what it takes to run and manage an E-commerce site. Is just a small sample of some of the things required to be successful on-line.

It may seem confusing to run and manage an E-commerce site. Let Nerd Boy remove the confusion and help you take your e-commerce site from something hard and confusing to easy and understandable.

Explore the product and services Nerd Boy offers to help you set up or manage your on-line presence.

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