Jeffrey R. Collins:

  • Mr. Collins retired from the US Navy December 31, 1999 giving him 20 years of management and leadership experience in the high-tech world of the United States Navy.
  • Mr. Collins has created and operated various computer related businesses since the age of 15 prior to founding Nerd Boy Inc. in 1997. At the age of 15 Mr. Collins started System Designs an early software company that wrote Real Estate Software in Modesto, California. Mr. Collins enlisted in the US Navy at the age of 17, owned/operated Mort’s Computer Repair Shop in San Diego, California while serving the US Navy, wrote articles for Byte Buyer Magazine (now Computer Edge Magazine) covering the on-line world of Bulletin Boards in the early 1980’s, and was the first Technical Support Engineer for Miva Corporation.
  • Mr. Collins served as the Vice President of Technology for Maxo Records, LLC from 2003 to 2006 (http://www.maxorecords.com).
  • Mr. Collins was the Director of E-Commerce of Florist.com (http://www.florist.com) from February 2000 until July 2001. Florist.com is now currently owned by FTD.
  • Mr. Collins was the Store Administrator for eBay Gear (http://www.ebaygear.com) for eBay Inc. from March 1999 until December 2002. He was the original programmer and outlasted two hosting companies and two fulfillment companies. At the time of the transfer of the store to a new contractor in December of 2002 Mr. Collins was one of only two original team members left on the project.
  • Mr. Collins received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Workforce Education, Training and Development from the Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.
  • Mr. Collins is the exclusive Payment Module provider for the Skipjack Payment Gateway (http://www.skipjack.com) and the Blue Pay Payment Gateway (http://www.bluepay.com).
  • Mr. Collins maintains relationships with various industry leaders to provide design, implementation, and management of all types of web sites from the very simple to the extremely complex. This includes graphic design, custom programming, and hosting.
  • Nerd Boy Inc was a Via Verio Partner and was a world wide Top 50 Verio Reseller. Nerd Boy no longer offers Internet Hosting Options through the Via Verio Reseller Program.
  • Partial list of clients. This list includes present and past clients that were / are currently hosted by Nerd Boy Inc, have had custom programming done, or are managed by Nerd Boy Inc. All sites listed currently use or did use Miva Merchant E-Commerce Software.
  1. Food Ireland (http://www.foodireland.com)*
  2. Florist.com (http://www.florist.com) – Prior client
  3. Glass Tatz (http://www.glasstatz.com)*
  4. Happy Balls (http://www.happyballs.com)*
  5. KIA (http://store.kia.com) – Prior client
  6. Metric Thunder (http://www.metricthunder.com)*
  7. Conner Business Systems (http://www.tabstl.com)*
  8. Seed Land (http://www.seedland.com)*
  9. Boston Green Goods (http://www.bostongreengoods.com) – Top Internet 500 Company
  10. Yoga Props (http://www.yogaprops.com)*
  11. Fund Us Now (http://www.fundusnow.com)*

* Denotes those sites formerly hosted by Nerd Boy Inc.

References from current clients, past clients, and industry partners are available upon request.