On-Line Success

Over the years Nerd Boy has helped thousands of on-line and off-line business succeed. Nerd Boy has identified 7 Steps to On-line Success.

This is part of a presentation Nerd Boy has given at several E-Commerce Conferences around the country. Following these 7 Steps will not guarantee success, but will help you in the process of becoming successful.

Here are the minimum steps you need to take in order to get your web site or E-commerce site from an idea to a full web presence.

  • Define: You need to define what your product will be and who your target audience will be.
  • Design: You need to establish a design that is both appealing and functional.
  • Deploy: You need to make sure your core delivery systems for your clients are in place and so are your support systems.
  • Marketing Partners: You need to define your marketing channels and marketing partners.
  • Manage: You must manage your web presence and maintain an ongoing relationship with your clients.
  • Fulfill: You must establish systems to manage the fulfillment of your orders and the possible return of materials from your clients.
  • Analyze: Monitor current trends and metrics for your products and target audience. Utilize information you acquired through continuous analysis and make adjustments as needed. Repeat the entire process.

Nerd Boy has helped clients get a web presence or E-commerce presence since 1997.

The above is just as short description of the steps required to become successful on-line. If you would like more in depth information or would like to discuss ways Nerd Boy can help you please use the Contact Link at the top of the page to contact us.